Just Perfect (JP) XXL

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Just Perfect (JP) XXL 19mm Poly Polypropylene ” Just Perfect ” better known as a JP is a…

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Just Perfect (JP) XXL 19mm Poly Polypropylene

” Just Perfect ” better known as a JP is a no fuss head halter that is suitable for most breeds  of dogs.  It is designed to be used with a connector or Double Ended Lead.

It is a very simple piece of equipment that has achieved fabulous results.  As a head collar, it is ideal in its simplicity.

Instructions are available to download.

The JP is now also being used widely as calming tool, fit as instructed do not attach a lead.

Several day care centres  are using on highly anxious or barking dogs.

Colours available: red, black, light blue, royal blue, purple, pink.

I am currently using them in my classes as a training aid for dogs that can’t concentrate or are highly excited,with excellent results.

This product was designed and manufactured in Australia by Jenny Ireland Pet Products.

Fitting Instructions: Open Clip, make a loop from the ring upwards, as big as you like, place over the dogs nose, place the ends around the dogs neck and do up.  The correct fitting should be one finger space, it fits firmly- not tight.

Can be adjusted in two places.

There are no dangly bits for dogs to get their feet caught in, just neat and firm on the face.

The ideal is to allow the dog to get used to wearing  the JP without attaching a lead, keep them busy with some interesting treats.

Attach a connector and your single lead, or attach a Double Ended Lead, heavier snap to the collar or harness, lighter snap to the ring under the dogs head.

Walk the dog in a safe controlled environment, treat constantly for good behavior, no pressure should be put on the dogs head, lure a change of direction with a treat.

If the dog should get distressed, take the lead off the JP and walk just on the collar without the lead attached to the JP, (leave the JP on)

and try again later, any problems please contact your reseller.

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