Holidays are such fun, especially if we have the opportunity to go away.

What to do with the animals?

There are many choices open to us these days.

Boarding Kennels.

There are some fabulous Boarding Kennels out there.

Ask your friends if they have used any and or go and visit before you require their services.

In Home Boarding.

There are services where your dog can stay home away from home.  Little disruption to their way of  living with you.

Where someone is with them and generally other dogs there as well.  For most dogs this could be such fun.

House Sitters.

These services can be found through different organisation on the internet.

Somebody comes in and looks after your home, animals and garden.

Quite often there is no charge for this arrangement.

The Home Sitters have references and Police checks and is so ideal without disrupting the status of our much loved furries.

Pet Care

A service where you can arrange for someone to come in and feed your critters, the draw back for me is that for except for 30mins

the animals are on their own.

Please consider these choices when making holiday plans, it must be so confusing for the animals when they are left alone for days on end or even just overnight things can go seriously wrong.



  1. My concern is how many people think it is OK to leave their animals alone

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