Harmony Harness Instructions

Open the quick release snap lock on the belly strap (long black one).
Hold so the chest strap (coloured) is toward the front of the dog and place over the dog’s head and click the snap lock together again.

There is adjustment in three places

The belly strap should be firm (one finger space under strap)

Adjust shoulder straps to move the chest strap up or down.

If the chest strap is too low it will effect the dogs movement, if it is too high it will pull against the dog’s neck. Ideally the chest strap should be parallel with the ground. Sometimes you will have to adjust all three adjustment points to get the right fit. Please make sure the snap release buckle does not interfere with your dog’s leg movement

Using a double ended lead (recommended) attach the snaphook to the double rings on the front of the harness and the other to the ring on the shoulder strap.

  • If the dog is pulling, use the shoulder strap ring by allowing that part of the lead to become taught (while the section of the lead to the front of the harness remains slack) to stop the forward motion.
  • Tell the dog to “stop”.
  • The handler must not move forward if there is any tension on the lead.
  • If the dog is still straining to move forward remind it to stop and maintain the tension on the lead repeat this step until you can hold the lead lightly in your hand.
  • Move forward and teach the dog to turn (”Turn”) and then ”Let’s Go” moving forward once again.

When you and the dog have mastered the first steps try attaching the lead to the front rings only and make a loop with the snaphook and ring at the other end and use more as a long lead.

If the dog pulls, the handler must stop or slow down and tell the dog to stop, the rings in the front and the pressure on the lead will turn the dog around.

Please check the fitting for comfort of your dog each time it is worn.

If you use the harness at the park it is suitable to attach a long line on either set of rings.

Remember if you allow the dog to keep going forward when the lead is tight you are TEACHING your dog to pull.

Training Tip:  It is easier if your dog is used to wearing the harness before you attach the lead.  Take a couple of days to take opportunities to let your dog wear the harness for short periods without the lead. Always be present and supervise your dog when the harness is attached.

This product is not suitable to be used for any purpose other than walking a dog.