Gentle Harness Instructions

Open the quick release snap lock on the belly strap.

Hold so the chest strap (colored) is toward the front of the dog and place over the dog’s head and click the snap lock together again. (If your dog is afraid to have anything go over its head open both snap locks.)

There is adjustment in four places.

The belly strap should be firm (one finger space under strap)

Adjust the harness as required to be comfortable for your dog.

Please make sure none of the fittings will impede on your dog’s comfort or movement when walking.

Attach the lead to the ring at the front of the chest, on moving forward if the dog pulls, gentle pressure on the lead will teach the dog to turn back towards you, reward this action, with calm praise.

Remember if you allow the dog to keep going forward when the lead is tight you are teaching your dog how hard to pull to get you to move forward.

Training Tip: It is easier if your dog is used to wearing the harness before you attach the lead. Always be present and supervise your dog when the harness is on.

This product is not suitable to be used for any purpose other than walking your dog.

Made in Australia by Jenny Ireland Pet Products