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A Well Behaved Dog that will do as its told, will fit into the family life with some adjustment on all sides is a valued member of the family and a pleasure to be around. Sadly on many occasions this doesn’t happen and the dog ends up being considered to be a nuisance, or just tolerated and lives a solitary life outside – all for the sake of not having effective Dog Training.

ABC Dog Training Barossa Valley Gawler Tanunda Nuriootpa A Dogs ABCs with Jenny IrelandAs a Dog Obedience Trainer I find this so sad that families can have such upheaval because they don’t know how to Train A Dog they welcomed into the family with such hopes. Most times with some assistance in Dog Behaviour Training, families can turn this sad tale around, of course it does take time for Dog Behaviour to be changed on both sides, because all of this didn’t happen over night and this is where Dog Training Gawler comes in.

For Dog Training Gawler it is always about Training a Dog, Teach the Dog what you want it to learn in a way that the dog can comply without fear of retribution. Using force as we did in the early days at the obedience clubs did work or else dog clubs would not have existed for so many years… but it’s not ideal as you just end up with a scared and timid dog.

Now there is a better way, it does take more effort, it does take patience, it does take time….all this being said if you train anything – child or animal with Reward Based Training the results you get are there forever, leaving you with a much happier and well adjusted member of the family.

What I want to achieve using these Reward Based Training  methods, is to have an animal that is not complying because it is too scared to do otherwise.

Having effective management of animals that share our lives is essential for harmony in our home and in the wider community and we do this with Reward Based Dog Obedience Training.

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