Dog +training great results today in class at Nurioopta

At our class at Nurioopta today, we had such a great time, it's one of the nicest group of people, just one of those classes where everybody jells, everybody is so interested in each others progress and is so positively delighted when there is a small break through with one of the group Tomorrow we are going to Webb Beach, all of my classes will catch up, anybody is welcome to join us. Bring a picnic lunch, water and a chair. 10am The weather ... Read more

Dog Training Gawler – Dog Obedience Barossa – Dog Behaviour Gawler

A Well Behaved Dog that will do as its told, will fit into the family life with some adjustment on all sides is a valued member of the family and a pleasure to be around. Sadly on many occasions this doesn't happen and the dog ends up being considered to be a nuisance, or just tolerated and lives a solitary life outside - all for the sake of not having effective Dog Training. As a Dog Obedience Trainer I find this so sad that families can have ... Read more

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