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Day 2. Puppies Update

Just have to marvel at these little guys who only arrived yesterday. Yesterday a couple were a bit anxious, much better today. Today we have been working on, jumping up, so anyone who sits either gets picked up for a cuddle or a yummy. They are so much calmer today, having lots of handling, really good when they are picked up. Nails trimmed much nicer than nasty little sharp claws. Working  on puppy manners, things I would expect a ... Read more

8 little pups have invaded us 28.01.014

8 puppies have come to stay for awhile. Staffy/heeler x's. They are very cute as puppies are, such an important time for them to be with their mum, but that's not how it is. I'm feeding them by hand for a couple of meals as they are inclined to be mouthy, so great watching them understand and have learnt already to take the food from an open hand with good manners ... Read more

Play day at Webb Beach

Some of the training group came out to play at Webb Beach this morning. The weather was ideal, the dogs had a great play in a small amount of water, ran on the beach. We enjoyed an easy few hours with folks that are really into their dogs. Thank you all for making the effort. ... Read more

Come and Play at Webb Beach 26.01.14

Firstly I would like to thank everyone for their kind words, support and understanding on the death of my brother this week. We had his funeral yesterday and the many tributes from his close friends was truly inspiring. I had talked to a few about going to Webb Beach tomorrow. Webb beach if you haven't been is a fabulous place to run the dogs, plenty of space, not a lot people (smile) You need to bring a picnic lunch, chair, towel for ... Read more

Dog Training Cancelled for Sunday 19th Jan

I've sent everyone an email explaining if you haven't received one tonight, I will be unavailable tomorrow. Jenny ... Read more

Class Times for Nurioopta A Dogs ABC’s

Intermediate 9.30am Basic 1 10.30 New Basic 11.30 ... Read more

Training cancelled

We had to cancel training today due to the heat, so from now on if the forecast from the night before is 32 or over training will be cancelled. Was great to catch up with the Advanced class, we had plenty of shade at 9am, you really feel the heat when away from the trees. Hopefully all will be good for next week to try again. The long weekend in January we will not have classes, maybe a beach or breakfast morning instead......stay tuned ... Read more

Classes resume for 2014

So looking forward to catching up with everyone from both training locations this weekend and welcoming those starting. 2014 holds so much promise. Lets not waste a minute of it, enjoy our lives and families and especially our furry loved ones. Over the holidays I've had the delightful company of some of your four legged's  ( new word I've just made up) while you've been away. The dogs never cease to amaze me, they just get on with ... Read more


Holidays are such fun, especially if we have the opportunity to go away. What to do with the animals? There are many choices open to us these days. Boarding Kennels. There are some fabulous Boarding Kennels out there. Ask your friends if they have used any and or go and visit before you require their services. In Home Boarding. There are services where your dog can stay home away from home.  Little disruption to their way ... Read more